Projects and Publications

Short Stories

A Day in the Life of Bubbles

Bubbles, a chatty little cat, wants to be feed. Is that really too much too ask?

Check it out in the 6th issue of Sponge Magazine!

The Scientists in the Wardrobe

It’s time for Leila to go to bed but there’s something (or someone) lurking in her wardrobe… A quick, easy, enjoyable read (that goes perfectly with a coffee break), The Scientists in the Wardrobe brings a little humour to the day.

Check it out at The Commuting Book.

My Novel

The 716

Andy and Olivia live very different lives. One is the future leader of the Great Nation, the other is a hopeless excuse for a boy who can’t even get a girlfriend. But they have a secret in common: a dream. A dream to become engineers.  

It’s simple really: Ace the REAL Test (biggest test of a young woman’s life; can’t study for it; no sweat), get into university, become an engineer. It’s simple for Olivia, anyway. For Andy, not so much. For here’s the catch: only women can take the REAL Test. So, while Olivia is ruling her test (she does very well, if she does say so herself), Andy is having futile arguments with his watch, covered in coffee stains and dreaming….

But when Andy gets the chance to take the REAL Test himself, to become the first boy to ever do so, everything changes.

Everything except Andy’s mop of a hairstyle. Some things will never change.

When will the book be out? I’m in the midst of the second draft, planning to be done in the next few months. If you’d like to stay tuned, contact me and I’ll send you an email when I have news!